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PART 1: The Secret Power That Slyly Manipulates the World: The British Deep State

What Sort of Deep Power?

Deep states are covert systems established by lawless groups that infiltrate state systems and take control of governments. Resisting change sometimes through violence and sometimes through propaganda, these institutions pursue their own agendas and do not answer to legal authorities. They act above the laws and legal state institutions because …

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The Rise of the Deep Mafia Structuring

The British deep state is an atheist organization with a long history. Its ultmate goal is spreading its dajjal-inspired, anti-religious ideology all around the world and making England a country that rules the entire world. Elements of the British deep state, throughout history, maintained this devious system under various guises …

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Darwinism Plan of the British Deep State

The following words of Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902), a homosexual British politician who worked for years in South Africa, summarize the powerful racist basis of British imperialism: Why should we not form a secret society with but one object: the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole …

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Interests of Britain

Lord Palmerston, who served as the British Prime Minister in the mid 19th century ‘Interests of Britain’ is perhaps the most important concept for the British deep state. Many might think it normal that countries work to protect their best interests. However, it should be remembered that the British deep state …

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The Foundations that Shape the British Interests

The British deep state has always sought to impose the dominion of British ethnicity, British interests and power since the inception of the British Empire. The deep state, which is in truth an underground organization, worked to pursue this goal and tried to access various administrational roles under a legal …

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Other Secret Organizations Controlled by the British Deep State

The British deep state infiltrated these said organizations, but also spread around the world through other family associations, royalty councils, and other organizations. These are important parts of the world reign policies started with the British East India Co., and continued with Round Table and the Committee of 300. Let’s …

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Towards the New World Order: A Single World State

In addition to the foregoing, the British deep state has operated through sub-organizations such as the Mont Pèlerin Society, Bohemian Grove, and Rosicrucians. It sought to attain its goal of ‘single world state’ through these organizations and as explained by Cecil Rhodes, set up a roadmap focused on the existence …

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